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Orvis is a retailer of clothes, shoes, accessories and equipment for adventure sports. With life in the county as its main theme, sells brand fly fishing gear, dog training tools, bedding and bath accessories, bags, furniture, home accessories, lighting and service. The retailer has introduced cargo pants, carpenter jeans, sweatshirts, hats, coats and leather goods for men. Offers dresses, pants, swimwear, blouses, shirts and outerwear for women. In the shoe department, Orvis sells shoes, sandals, casual shoes, boots, moccasins, Patagonia, and educators throughout the year. Orvis is known to run several schools in fly fishing with many targeted training children to master the art. His run of salmon has become an icon among the community of fly fishers. Orvis was founded by Charles F. Orvis in 1856. With headquarters in Sunderland, Vermont, and operates more stores in the U.S. Guests and staff friendly, online shopping and price.